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Family History Writing Group
Welcome to the Family History Writing Group!  The Writers Group holds monthly Special Interest Group meetings for those members interested in participating. Our group is a forum for family history writers to share their work with others in the group for critiques and discussion, and improving our writing. 

The Writers Group is made of GSSB members interested in working together to learn about and write  family history stories, narratives, biography, sketches, or essays. Our goal is to produce personal works within a small group setting, so group members can assist one another by providing discussion, commentary, critique, and new learning opportunities to improve our family histories. The GSSB Bulletin also publishes many of the stories written by the group to showcase their talents and interesting family history.
There is a coordinator, but it remains up to members to work cooperatively to help each other with projects and goals, through respectful feedback and ideas. This sort of diversity helps us to work together to gain knowledge and experience as we write our stories.          
Joining The Group:  If all this sounds good to you and you've become interested in the Writers Group, then email us at to join the group. Let us know if you have any questions.