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Announcing Plans to Publish a 50th Anniversary
Commemorative History Book
The Genealogical Society of South Brevard has embarked upon an aggressive schedule in an attempt to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the society. We hope to do this by publishing a 50th anniversary commemorative history book which records the past work of the society and its members.
Our goal is to complete the project before our celebration of Family History Month in October of 2024, which is also essentially the actual 50 year anniversary of the society.
The planned book will include historical perspectives, information about the founders, indexes of past members and officers, along with other information highlighting past programs, projects and accomplishments of the society in the local community.
We hope the final publication will be a memento for its owners about the role of the society in the community and will celebrate our successes, history, and members. And in many ways, we feel this will document how the society has consistently met our mission as a non-profit organization.
There are substantial cost obstacles in publishing a quality book in such a short period of time. Our dues-based budget will only cover a small portion of this cost in addition to our operating expenses. We hope our members, and those of other historical and lineage organizations will partner with us to help support the project. It will require donations and possibly other funding sources to accomplish.
The book is being developed and written by a publishing committee which is comprised of several members of the GSSB who are volunteering their time and efforts on the project. This group has already started their work by formatting the sections and indexing past members.
Funding Needs:  The GSSB board of directors has voted to dedicate the 2024 book budget to this project and rely on donations to fund other portions of the project. This decision will allocate approximately $500.00 of the budget to get us started. Unfortunately, this is only a small percentage of the expected cost.
Donor Recognition: As an incentive for donating and funding support, we will be recognizing special individual and organizational financial supporters in an acknowledgements section within the front matter of the book. We will also publish donor acknowledgements in the GSSB Bulletin edition following publishment. We hope we can count on you for support and assistance. Memorial donations will also be accepted and acknowledged. Checks can be made out to GSSB or donations can be made via PayPal on the GSSB website (click left menu DONATIONS link). Note please send an e-mail to to advise us of your donation so that you may be credited and recognized for your support.