Procedure for Book Reimbursement

1.  Submit a book purchase proposal in writing to the Library Chairperson (letter or email is sufficient). 
2.  Once pre-approval is obtained for the reimbursement, the member is notified.  
3.  The member then purchases the book and uses the book for typically around 30 days.
4.  The member will provide the book and receipt from their purchase to the Library Development Chairperson (or alternate board member) when the book is provided for donation. Note: The receipt must accompany the book (including applicable shipping and handling cost) to receive the 50% reimbursement of the donation.
5.  Following receipt of the book and purchase receipt, the Library Development Chairperson will:
  • Authorize reimbursement to the member and provide necessary records to the treasurer. 
  • Give a receipt for the donation to the member for tax purposes.
  • Provide the book to the Library Coordinator for cataloging into the library.
  • Provide information to the Bulletin editor so the donation can be publicized.