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A book, "The Two Cemeteries at Melbourne" and supplement were published by the Genealogical Society of South Brevard.  The work includes tombstone transcriptions up to 1995. Information was collected from the Melbourne Cemetery on Hibiscus Ave. and the Eau Gallie Cemetery, which was started in 1902. See our donation opportunity to acquire a free copy of this book.  
Melbourne_Cemetery_image_internalThe book is hardbound, and alphabetically indexed with 530 pages and over 6000 names, and is collated with official county records.  Melbourne's two cemeteries are the final resting-places of people from all over the nation.
Over the years, many retire or move to Florida. The book and a supplement contains actual tombstone transcriptions up to 1995, copied by local genealogists, with accompanying maps of the cemetery grounds. Volunteer members of GSSB painstakingly collected, compiled, typed and checked this material to ensure accuracy. This book and the supplement to it are currently available as a gift feature of our donation and membership drive programs. It is out of print and the society does not plan to republish it.  We have only a small quantity left. Get details by clicking here.
In the introduction, the Line Street Cemetery's 10 known burials (African American's) are listed, plus "Old Dick" the cat. Also mentioned is the Houston (or Pioneer) Cemetery at the south end of Highland Ave. (started in 1865), which was a family cemetery. It has 12 known and more unknown burials, but no names are listed. The Macedonia Baptist Church (African-American) had a cemetery, but no names were listed.