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Genealogical Society of South Brevard
Genealogical Society of
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The Genealogical Society of South Brevard (GSSB) is here for you!  We provide materials for family historians,  beginners genealogy courses, frequent Tid Bits in emails, a quarterly Bulletin, and monthly programs for those wanting to improve their research skills. There is also a very active French and Canadian Heritage Society group that meets monthly.   GSSB sponsors many activities for those wanting to know more about their ancestors and the lives they lived.
Our entire genealogy library catalog is online and it is searchable!  What a great resource for you.  Come and check it out. Click here to get started or select + Library from the menu at the left.
The society's genealogy library, meeting room, and classroom are located in the Melbourne Library, 540 E. Fee Avenue, near the downtown area of Melbourne.  Meetings are at 10 am, the second Wednesday of every month (except July-August) in the library Meeting Room (first room on right inside front door).  Come at 9:30 for some snacks, drinks, and meet the wonderful people ( I'm biased! ) in our group.
Please explore our website and do come see us at our next meeting!
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Info You Can Use

Pet Names

Our ancestors were very fond of using “Pet Names” and it adds to the confusion when genealogists are trying to reconstruct family units. Every time I encounter this situation, I think of this Hungarian Proverb found in What to Name your Baby: “A child that is loved has many names.”
Our ancestors were fond of shorting names so they can be pronounced more easily and then rhyming to create a pet name. There is hardly a name that cannot be shortened in some way.  Robert becomes Rob and by rhyming Bob. In the same way, Margaret, becomes Meg and then Peg, and finally Peggy. Richard becomes Rick and then Dick. Mary changes to Polly via Molly.  Fanny, Fannie, Phany are pet forms of Frances.

September 14
Basic Geneaology Course (GSSB)
Basic Genealogy Course Click image to enlarge
October 12
Finding Your Revolutionary War Patriot - Debbie Duay
Click image to enlarge
October 17
Quick & Easy Fishing for Cousins
We can’t be found by long lost cousins if we don’t make ourselves findable.  Let’s discuss ways of “baiting” for them by using online trees, message boards  and blogs. What has worked for you? Click image to enlarge ...
October 24
GSSB Board Meeting
Society members welcome to attend!
November 9
Establishing Generational Relationships Prior to the 1880 Census - Clyde and Kathy Stickney